DIY Wire Hair Wrap

These wire hair wraps are super easy to make and spruces up your hair (and outfit) with out very much effort. You can wear it around your bun or ponytail or use it as a headband.

What You’ll Need:

-Sewing Machine

-Fabric (the legs of old jeans work perfectly!)

-Scissors and Wire Cutter

-Wire around 18 gauge

-Pins (optional, but recommended)

-Measure Tape or Ruler Pinned and appleFirst thing you needto do is cut out your fabric. Cut two pieces of your fabric into long rectangles with rounded points on the end, like bunny ears. They should be approximately an arms length long and 1 inch and 1 cm in width. Put them right sides together and pin all around. FIrst round sewing Sew straight stitch around the edges with a 1/2 cm seam allowance (I moved my needle as close to the right as it would go and used the presser foot against the edge of my fabric as a guide), leaving a two finger gap on one end. Make sure you “backstitch” so your bun wrap doesn’t fall apart! Turn it inside out so the right sides are facing outwards. This step is very tedious, but keep working to turn it right sides out and it will work! Wire Now take your wire and unroll it so it is around the same length of your fabric. Insert it into the fabric using the gap you left unstitched and use your wire cutters (or scissors) to cut it to the exact length you need. Turn in the ends of the wire so it doesn’t poke through the fabric. Final Sew Turn in the raw edges of the hole and pin. Sew straight stitch very close to the edge along the hole. Once you trim all the excess threads you are ready to go!