A couple years ago, I got a calligraphy set with a pen and calligraphy ink. I love using it, but it can be a bit of a hassle since you have to rinse the pen when you are done, and you need thick paper so the ink doesn’t bleed. Then I started doing ‘fauxligraphy’ with just black pens and sharpies. I do it when I doodle, and it can look really pretty. So I am going to show you how I do my fauxligraphy.

Things You Need:


Pens/Markers (I like regular black pens, fine sharpies and regular sharpies and paper mate flairs)


Write out the word in cursive. Practicing your cursive is really important so you get the right ‘look’ that you want. one


Where ever you are doing a down stroke, make that line double. That’s how it works with typical calligraphy: up strokes are regular, down strokes are thicker. Make sure there are smooth transitions between the single and double strokes.



Then fill in the double lines and smooth out any bumps.



You can write your words like normal, or you can space them out. I personally love the look of the letters slightly spaced out, but I’m not so great at it, yet… 🙂


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