Favorites| March 2016

This month I went to Italy with my school for a week and a half over spring break. It was such an amazing trip and it was great to have a break from all the school work. But I am back at school next Monday, but there is only 2 months left of classes thankfully! Despite my busy traveling, I have found some new favorites for this month!

  1.  EOS. Over my trip I didn’t want to take my overnight lip balm since it is so thick it comes out white-ish, so I just brought my EOS and it kept my lips from being super chapped while I was away!
  2. Backpacks. I brought my denim backpack from American Apparel with me on my trip which I think is a great size for traveling and is also a bit cuter than my regular school backpack. While I was on my trip I bought a mini black leather backpack which I am in love with. It is more purse sized so if I am going out shopping or for lunch with friends I can fit everything I need with out a huge bag.
  3. Video. I have become obsessed with this video of Matthew Healy of the 1975 singing acoustic versions of 2 of my favorite songs. I only really listen to the first 2 songs he plays in the video (Sex and Chocolate), but he plays another song at the end. The first song is especially beautiful acoustic.
  4. Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. I read this book while I was away. It was a cute book and I really enjoyed the narrator, Simon. It was a quick and light read that wasn’t completely mindless, which I really liked.
  5. Music
    • Never Be Like You (feat. Kai) by Flume
    • 1901 by Phoenix
    • The Big Bang by Rock Mafia
    • Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At the Disco
    • She Way Out by the 1975


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