Paint + Tape Silhouette Canvas

Everyone has seen the project where you put tape on a canvas, paint over and then peel off the tape. While that is a fun project which makes cool geometric pieces, I decided to take that method and make a silhouette! Read on for the instructions.

-Painters/Masking Tape


-Black (and White) Paint

-Large Paintbrush or Sponge

-Small Detail Paint Brush

I am reusing an old canvas I have, so I spray painted it white, but if you have a new canvas, you can ignore this step. The first real step is to apply the tape. Start with longer pieces to get the basic shape of the face. If you need to use a pencil to trace the shape. Add smaller pieces to add nicer curves. Smaller pieces will give a more precise shape.


Start putting the black paint next to the tape (Filling in the face shape). Start blending it out. Make sure the paint next to the tape is not puddly so when you peel the tape off it doesn’t run.

After Peeling off Tape

Peel the tape of when it is still wet. If you wait until it is dry, it could peel off some of the paint. I had to go back in with a paint brush to clean up the edges. I used an small angled brush that came in a set of kids paint brushes from Crayola.



That’s it! Thanks for reading and come back next week for another post!


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