Favorites| February 2016

February has not been all that exciting for me, but I have busy with sports, school and NITASA. I finished up managing the JV basketball team at my school which I did with a friend which was actually kind of fun. I also went to my first hockey game with some friends and I found out I am a fan of the sport (who knew?). Now that you’re all caught up, read on for this months favorites!

  1. Naked Juices. I love the ‘Green Machine’ juice. It’s sweet but still makes me feel like I’m being healthy.
  2. Madam Secretary. I found this show on Netflix and I finished the season in roughly 2 weeks. Very interesting and I recognized some of the actors which is always very excited.
  3. Adobe Draw. This is the app version of Illustratr from what I have seen. A friend of mine showed me this app you can make some cool images on it. I have been adding a photo layer and then coloring on top. Here is the first one that I have actually finished
    • FullSizeRender
  4.  MUSIC.
    • Scream from High School Musical 3
    • Come As You Are by Nirvana
    • Different Colors by Walk the Moon
    • Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects

Also a heads up that March may not have as many posts because I will be in Italy for 2 weeks! I will do my best to pre-write and schedule posts during the time I will be away!

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