DIY Rubber Stamps

A long time ago I got a set of Speedball linoleum carvers which you can also use on rubber. So I started carving stamps! Read on for a tutorial.


-Carvers (Here is a newer version of the set I have)

-Rubber (I happened to have a left over block, but cheap erasers from the dollar store work just as good. That’s what I usually use!)


-Ink Pad



First step is to pick out your design. Words can be tricky because you have to carve them out backwards, so be warned!


Trace your design onto the rubber.


Now it’s time to carve. What ever you carve will be white (or whatever color the paper is) and the rest will be ink. I like to carve out the lines I drew of the design so the design turns out white and the negative space is colored. If you want to positive space to be colored, carve around the lines you drew.

Be careful when you carve! The carver is sharp so carve away from your body if you can and keep your fingers out of the way. Even if you think you are being careful, the carver can slip.

Final Print

Now dip your new handmade stamp in ink and go to town!

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