I <3 Salt Water

Everyone knows that a salt solution is very versatile, and it really is. This past week I have been using it quite a bit, and I thought I’d share my top 3 ways to use it.

I like to use it as a toner sometimes on my skin. As I mentioned in my skin care routine, I use a toner from LUSH, which helps balance out the oils on my skin. I feel that a salt water toner helps draw out impurities, and it is super cheap and easy. You can use it as a daily toner or like me use it every now and then for some special maintenance. To make a toner yourself, put some warm water into a spray bottle. It doesn’t have to be hot, just on the warmer side so the salt dissolves easily. I recommend using sea salt and adding little by little. It shouldn’t sting when you put it on your face, but you should still feel it. And be careful of your eyes!!

I haven’t been feeling too good this past week, and my throat has started to feel a bit sore. Not to worry though because a simple salt and warm water rinse does the trick! Make sure the salt is dissolved in the water before you gargle with it. I like to do it 2¬†times a day using a half glass of water each time.

I got my first helix piercing last weekend, and I made the mistake of sleeping on my ear one night. It hurt so bad and it was red and a bit swollen, but didn’t seem to be infected. For this one I would recommend buying rather than making a saline (salt) solution to be on the safe side. The one I bought was from the shop that did my piercing, and it’s Wound Wash by NeilMed. I sprayed it on my piercing and it helped with the slight throbbing. This spray is great because it comes in a spray can, and sprays from any direction which means I can easily get the back of my ear. But don’t forget your piercer knows best! Listen to them.


One thought on “I <3 Salt Water

  1. […] Salt Water Toner. I ran out of my salt water toner and switched to another one that I had because I didn’t feel like making more. The other toner works great for controlling my oily/combination skin, but the salt water toner rescues my skin from breakouts. My skin is looking and feeling great thanks to this salt water/and Mask of Magnaminty combo. […]


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